TV Myths Busted!

Which “TV is changing” topic are you most tired of hearing about? There are several internet rumors circulating about how the future of TV is bleak, and about how TV, as we know it, is coming to an end. There are now internet programming services through Netflix, and TVs that now come internet-accessible. Cable TV providers are also offering online programming, including movies from premium movie channels, well-known sports channels and more. There is also stiff competition amongst the television manufacturers to come up with the “next big thing” in television technology. From talking television sets to 3D and to Interactive TV, it seems like TV manufacturers are trying to outdo themselves to get to the next best set.everything-wrong-with-netflix

One such rumor is that TV is heading for extinction with cord cutting. Online services include cable programming, original programming, and movies. Netflix, Roku and Hulu are a few examples of the online sources for catching your favorite shows and other programming. However, these services don’t provide live TV. You can’t just sign on to get the shows that are playing now.

Although these services are much cheaper than cable TV or even satellite, there are real problems associated with cord cutting. These services are yet to be able to supply live programming. Mostly, they show programs that are at least a day old. Also, depending on your internet connection, you could still have to wait inordinate amounts of time to load them. As of yet, these services are not convenient enough to use on a nightly basis.

Another rumor says that TV is coming to a place of apps. This rumor says that TV will steer more towards having an app for every channel, instead of changing channels on the remote. There could also be apps for the programs themselves, but who wants to download every single app they would need for every single TV show, program, sports channel, game or movie? Again, that’s not convenient enough to be viable.

Rumors also point to Social TV. However, there really isn’t that much going on in real time tweets and updates, so Social TV is still really just in the making. Since this form of media requires a television, which usually comes with some kind of real time programming service, this clearly indicates that TV won’t be changing that much.

Finally, the most prevalent rumor states TV is dying, altogether. There seem to be several experts that feel this is true due to all of the new technology, online programming options and other available media, like tablets and devices that can stream content now.hello-hulu-commercial

While this may sound like a valid reason for upgrading internet equipment, and moving to a higher tier on the internet package you have now, consider the giant TV really is. TV has been integrated into almost every part of society today. Before there was Twitter, Facebook or YouTube, there was TV. While there may be some exciting new additions, like live streaming on mobile devices, TV still remains one of the cornerstones of American culture, today.

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