Time Warner Cable – On Your Side

Time Warner Cable is a name that has been associated with quality service and products to its customers for a long time now. Time Warner constantly updates its technology and provides its customers with the advanced technology. This means customers now have more freedom to choose from different products and services. Time Warner is now available to watch television, surf the web and also use the phone line – all at the same time.

twc-dealsTime Warner has a web page that is dedicated to its customers that has sections like FAQs, paying your bills online, managing your account, customer support link etc. There is a link that allows you to choose your area too and check the facilities and products available for your area. For those who do not want to use online options also have the list of closest time Warner centers in your locality where you can rush to pay your bills or get your issues fixed.

The most important features of Time Warner cable are its different bundles, HDTV, DVR, digital phone, On Demand and parental controls. A little more about these features in the coming paragraphs. DVR is a facility that allows you to record programs when you are watching it or to even set the recorder when you are away from home. You will need to locate the program number and the show timing. After this, just start to record the programming. This allows viewers to watch one program and record another. Later, as you have the opportunity you can view the recording. The DVR feature allows playback in which you can rewind and pause and forward too.

The HDTV feature of Time Warner delivers amazing picture quality and digital sound at your home. This is almost a theatre-like experience for the whole family. On-Demand is the online library that is accessible 24X7 and has a collection of recently released movies. This library also has some programs that you would have missed. Log on to the On-demand from your programming menu and enjoy all this at your convenience. Time Warner also has parental controls for its customers. This means that you do not need to worry what channels and programs your kids would be watching when parents are away from the scene. Parental controls will give you the option to block certain channels for long periods of time or for specific times too.

home-of-the-future-twcThe customer service department of Time Warner is always available to answer all your queries. You can contact them thorough their website or go to the nearest Time Warner center. These services are available for new customers as well as existing customers. New customers can ask questions on various packages and deals and make an informed choice. While surfing their website, who knows, you may even find some deals!

Existing customers can go to the Time Warner Cable home page to view and pay their bill, ask questions and look up information on products and services they might want to upgrade to or just learn more about. Time Warner has live support available 24/7. The Time Warner home page has all these services and more on its homepage that is completely free of cost and anyone can access it. The customer service link on the home page is 24 X 7.