Time Warner Cable – A Part of Your Community

Time Warner Cable is doing its part to encourage interest in education in the community, with their Connect A Million Minds or CAMM program, found at www.connectamillionminds.com. This site promotes STEM, or Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The website has two videos showing a flying car and a sneak-peak at the new Microsoft video game, named “Project Natal”. The people featured in the videos are speaking about their jobs and the importance of STEM in their personal success. These videos offer a real-life approach to subjects that are taught in school, bringing to light the real life applications to materials that students may find boring or confusing.time-warner-cable benny-bailey-director-of-technical-operations-free-wifi-shelter-time-warner-cable

Time Warner Cable has dedicated $100 million and five years to the advancement of STEM in America, due to the lack of interest and proficiency of the subjects. Time Warner Cable is heading the effort to increase skill in these areas with varying media formats to help children succeed in and compete globally, preparing them for global commerce and competition.

Tessie Topol, the Time Warner Cable Director of Strategic Philanthropy said, “We want to remind kids and their parents that many of the things they consider cool require a background in STEM to work on. You can’t build a flying car if you don’t know anything about engineering and you can’t be on the team that is creating the coolest and most advanced video game ever if you don’t study math and computer science.“

Tessie Topol was also quoted as saying, “80% of the jobs that today’s kids will be applying for will require a high level of STEM education. The Connect A Million Minds (CAMM) program is designed to give kids and their parents easy ways to spark an interest in STEM. The CAMM website (www.connectamillionminds.com) contains an incredible amount of already available community programs that parents and their children can attend together.“

Time Warner Cable encourages parents and community leaders to visit the www.connectamillionminds.com and pledge to help in the effort to educate the youth about science. The site has additional information on learning opportunities, as well as the volunteers and Time Warner Cable employees that are involved. The site also has information on after school STEM events and introductions and opportunities for community events like robotics competitions and local science fairs.

Besides getting involved in community events, Time Warner Cable provides cable TV programming, high-speed online services and digital phone services for over 18 million monthly subscribers. Time Warner Cable is a company that provides professional services on a personal level that can benefit the entire community, offering education as well as home entertainment and communication options.

Time Warner Cable is giving back to the communities that have made it the second largest cable TV provider in the United States. Time Warner Cable is providing the initiative and the necessary tools to encourage today’s youth to get involved with STEM, and pursue careers that will keep the US competitive in global economies. Time Warner Cable is generously providing a necessary service, reinvesting funds in the communities they came from.