SpaceSplitter Introduces New App

Smartphone users may have just caught a big break in dealing with their roommates when it’s time to pay half on shared supplies. SpaceSplitter introduced its newest feature, an app that can negate the need to chase roommates down for money. With the company’s newest feature, it may be easier than it has ever been to get money out of busy or forgetful roommates for the necessities that everyone uses in a household.

The company’s newest feature can take the hassle and worry out of the age-old struggle of trying to catch up with a person for the fair share of the goods money.

The “OurList” feature allows roommates to individual the cost per item, per roommate, so that roommates only pay their fair share on items that everyone in the household uses. Users can access this feature through Facebook or Twitter from their smartphones, or any other compatible, Wi-Fi enabled device.

The “OurList” feature allows users to choose the share of money and the frequency with which that money should be paid by each roommate. Then, SpaceSplitter handles the payment by sending each roommate a bill. The users and the roommates can shop directly from the service, with a selection of more than 60,000 items. Users can also set the order frequency. All of this can be accessed by people on the go, so it not only simplifies the payment part of the roommate relationship, but it also simplifies the shopping aspect, as well. It can save the time and hassle of shopping, and the time and hassle of getting the products that are shared among roommates.

Not only does the application help get the money due someone, but it also cuts out overcharging by splitting the cost of a product by percentage. If a roommate doesn’t use a particular product, he or she won’t be billed for it. If he or she uses more than others, he or she can be billed for the expense. Once the information is put into the application, SpaceSplitter adds up the total owed by each roommate and sends a payment request. Once each roommate has paid with his or her credit card, the order for all the items is processed.

The company reports that the “OurList” feature took about nine months to perfect so that it could be released to the public.

SpaceSplitter also announced that it has plans to include Target, Soap and other affiliate marketing partners.

Another great feature is the “OurSplitter” feature which allows users to schedule chores, or even to draft a roommate agreement. Once the chores are assigned, the service can send a reminder to separate roommates on what they are supposed to do. In the coming months, SpaceSplitter is also planning to release a feature that will allow help roommates split expenses, bills and to keep track of the spending all within the same service.

Any of these features can be accessed through an internet enabled device, such as a smartphone, tablet, smart TV, desktop or other compatible device.