Resurrecting the Titanic in 3-D

Rarely has there ever been a more tragic tale of doom than with the maiden voyage of the Titanic in 1912. Due to the tragedy and romance surrounding its demise, the tale of the Titanic has reached around the globe. Now, with the advent of its 100th year anniversary looming in the very near future, there is a selection of shows to watch on the subject, again. Don’t be dismissive about the topic of the show, though. These programs are airing with unique and new twists to the old tale.titanic-in-3d

National Geographic, in particular, has been especially faithful to exploring and documenting the Titanic’s short and violent passing. This year, it has several shows lined up that explore the sinking of the Titanic in greater detail, as it pertained to the people surrounding the making and navigation of the luxury liner. One such show is “Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron”.

Titanic fans will recognize the name Cameron from the mega hit movie released in 1997, simply named Titanic. The film received 11 Oscars, and earned more than a billion dollars, globally. For “Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron”, Cameron was invited to work with other experts in their fields, like historians, naval architects, engineers and artists. These experts, combined with the expertise Cameron has acquired of the Titanic after over 30 dives, hope to have the definitive forensic investigation that is necessary to answer the pressing questions that still linger. In this show, they hope to discover more about why the ship deemed as unsinkable sank on its first voyage. Included in the investigation is the Cameron film “Titanic”, due to the historical accuracy of the detail used in making the film version of the ship. “Titanic: The Final Word With James Cameron” will air on April 8, 2012, at 8:00 pm, est.

Another show National Geographic is airing for the Titanic anniversary is “Save The Titanic With Bob Ballard”. Ballard was a part of the team that originally helped find the Titanic’s resting place in 1985. Since the discovery, more than 26 years ago, Ballard’s life has revolved around anything that deals with the Titanic.

On “Save TheTitanic With Bob Ballard”, the show takes a look at the damage the Titanic is undergoing due to nature, illegal salvage operations and reckless tourists. The pressing question that drives Ballard most is whether or not the Titanic will be able to withstand the next 100 years. The show will also explore the ship’s maiden voyage, from production to its tragic end.

If this programming is not enough to satisfy your Titanic craving, there are other selections to choose from. PBS and ABC are two other channels that have Titanic-related programming planned.titanic-rendered-maya

PBS is showing “Saving the Titanic” and ABC has a miniseries titled “Titanic” that is airing to commemorate the hundredth year of a tragedy that took more than it spared. While there has been a lot of televised programs about the Titanic, its not too often a 100 year anniversary is celebrated world-wide.

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