Record and Watch in Any Room with Dish Network

Dish Network was the first company to offer satellite TV services to the United States. Consumers enjoyed the low pricing and programming selections Dish Network had to offer, with cable channels and channels that were designed by Dish Network for Dish Network customers, exclusively. Dish Network also offers popular viewing features like HD channels, Video On Demand, Pay Per View events and Parental

The Dish Network DVR can record and store up to 90 hours of programming, with the ability to record multiple programs off of multiple channels at the same time. The DVR can also rewind, fast forward and pause the viewing selections found on the Video ON Demand and Pay Per View menus. These features provide subscribers with network programming, premier events, newly released movies and live events, like boxing and wrestling matches or live music concerts. The DVR offers a way to fast forward, pause and rewind these selections, even if they are live events.

Dish Network offers Parental Controls for their regular programming and the programming stored on their DVR. These Parental Controls can be set in minutes and used to block entire channels or specific programming, indefinitely or for specific periods of time. Parental Controls help parents keep children away from undesirable and inappropriate content, offering a safer, more family-friendly viewing environment.

The Video On Demand feature is a digital library with over 10,000 viewing selections. These selections are available 24/7 for the subscribers with active schedules. Pay Per View options bring the family ringside saving the family money be allowing the entire event to be enjoyed in the home, without the big-ticket prices.

Besides these great features, Dish Network offers great products, like their multi-room DVRs and their HD 1080p formatting. Dish Network was the first to offer the multi-room receiver, and a multi-room receiver that broadcasts in HDTV and standard definition programming. Dish Network was also the first company to offer digital to analog DVRs, as well. The HD 1080p formatting was especially designed by Dish Network to give their customers the same image and sound quality that is found in theaters. HD 1080p surpasses the quality of even traditional HD, with up to six times the resolution as standard formatting. This product has been compared to Blu Ray technology for the image and sound enhancements and was originally used to broadcast newly released movies. However, Dish Network now offers an entire series in HD 1080p formatting, another first in the Pay TV industry. Families can enjoy theater quality in the privacy and comfort of their own home, without having to pay the theater

Dish Network has help set the standard for products andservice in the Pay TV industry since they started almost 30 years ago. They offer quality, with innovative services and a large programming selection to choose from, at low, family-friendly prices the entire family can benefit from. With Dish Network, families get products and services that provide quality family home entertainment while allowing families to save money, offering services that everyone can benefit from.