Radar Detectors Use Social Media Too!

escort-liveEscort Live! connects to a user’s cellphone via Bluetooth, creating an “integrated” experience for road warriors alike. Escort Live! allows user’s to share alerts in real time, via the cellphone’s data connection. For example, if an Escort Live! user suddenly get’s alerted to Ka, the alert pops up on the Escort Live! app on their iPhone or Android smartphone. The user then “Reports” the alert instantly sending out alerts to drivers in the area or if it’s a false alert, the user can “Lock Out” the alert.

Escort Live! allows you to change the settings of the detector via the Escort Live! app.

Escort Live! is available on both iPhone & Android smartphones via their respective “App Stores”. The apps are free to download, but the service requires a subscription & either an Escort Live! smart cord or direct wire module. The smart cord and/or direct wire modules are needed for the Escort Live! app & service to communicate with your smartphone via Bluetooth.

Escort Live! can be setup for simplistic use or advanced & technical for those that like more details.

escort-passportEscort Live! is compatible with detectors from both Escort & Beltronics.

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