Proven Performance with Comcast Cable

Comcast Cable is a proven provider for digital cable, broadband and telephone services. Get what your family needs when you need it, without the headache of unreasonable monthly rates. Try Comcast Cable for quality services, products, and affordable monthly

With Comcast Cable, you can choose from a variety of programming packages that can have up to 250 channels. These channels include programming like children shows, sports, music, history, drama, action, mysteries and more. With Comcast Cable, there is always something to watch, with hours of entertainment for the whole family.

These great channel selections come with parental controls, for enhanced protection for the young, impressionable minds in the house. Concerned parents need not worry about what their children are watching in their absence. These controls are user-friendly and can be set in just a few minutes. Now concerned parents can leave the room or the house knowing their children are only watching themes that are age-appropriate. Comcast Cable also offers parental controls on their DVR and Internet Services. Comcast Cable brings your family the entertainment it wants, with family-friendly pricing and services.

Viewers can set the DVR to record specific shows at specific times, or it can be set to record a show while you’re watching a show on another channel. The DVR is also capable of recording up to 60 hours of programming. With parental controls, Mom and Dad can record the shows they want to watch after the kids are in bed, without worrying about what the children might accidentally see. The DVR can also be used with Comcast Cable’s On Demand and PPV features.

The On Demand feature has over 10,000 viewing choices that the whole family can benefit from. These choices include children’s programming, movies, network programming and new releases that can be watched at your convenience, on your time. Pay Per View offers some of the biggest events of the year, including live wrestling and boxing matches, other sports events and live music concerts, with some of the biggest names in the industry. Use the DVR to rewind, pause and fast forward through this program, even if it is a live event.

Get connected with Comcast Cable’s high speed Internet Service. Their Comcast Cable PowerBoost provides download and upload speeds that are up to 6X faster than DSL. Get these incredible speeds, with the additional safety that parental controls and free Security Software have to offer. Comcast Cable provides McAfee’s Security Suite, at no additional charge. This gives your family additional protection from viruses, spyware, identity theft and popups.

Stay in touch with friends and family all over the United States and Canada, with unlimited local and long distance calling. Let Comcast Cable give your family this great service with calling features that include call-waiting, three way calling, call forwarding and more for up to 12 features total, plus a voicemail with instant e-mail notifications when a new messages

Comcast Cable has much to offer the family on a monthly budget. Let them provide for all of your family’s entertainment and communication needs with their Triple Play packaged service. Bundled monthly plans can save a family money and time, with lower rates and only one monthly provider, with one monthly bill. Allow Comcast Cable to provide for your family’s needs today!