Order and Save with Time Warner Cable

Time Warner cable is a trusted name in the cable TV industry, having done business for over 60 years. Over 18 million households currently rely on Time Warner Cable to provide their cable TV programming, Road Runner High-Speed Online Services and digital phone services.

Time Warner Cable was the first cable television system in the United States. They helped define quality home entertainment. Through the years the company has changed to broaden the range of products and services they carry to bring the best that cable TV programming has to offer.

Time Warner Cable led research and development efforts for using fiber optics to broadcast broadband. This allowed Time Warner Cable, and other cable TV providers, to join cable TV services, internet services and digital phone services, allowing for a wide array of products and services. Time Warner Cable won the Engineering Award for Outstanding Achievement in Technological Development. This achievement led to Time Warner Cable winning the first Emmy Award given to any cable TV provider. Time Warner Cable went on to win additional Emmy Awards for their work with Video on Demand and Start Over. This happened in 1994.landon-walker-txc-team-nascar

In 2001, Time Warner Cable created a new fiber coaxial cable network and installed it nation-wide to usher in developments like Digital Cable, the DVR, or digital video recorder, Video on Demand and HDTV. The new fiber coaxial cable network was also instrumental in providing homes with cable modem access to online services, Start Over, digital phone services, Quick Clips and other services, like Active Advertising. 2002 saw the commercial release of Video on Demand, delivering more choices for customers than had previously been available.

With the innovations in technology, Time Warner Cable was able to deliver their trademark Road Runner Online High-Speed Services to over 8 million subscribers every month. These services offer surfing and downloading speeds that are over one hundred times faster than traditional dial up connections. Road Runner Online High-Speeds Services offer speeds that are up to four times the standard speed of DSL. The Time Warner Cable Road Runner High-Speed Service is always connected, so customers worry less about dropped downloads or screen freezes. In addition, Time Warner Cable offers free online security software to protect customers and computers from popups, spyware, viruses and identity theft. Time Warner Cable is also able to provide online Parental Controls to help parents get the final say over what online content their children are exposed to.

These services are offered in addition to their award-winning cable TV products and services. Time Warner Cable can also deliver digital phone services, bringing families a full array of products and services to meet the needs of the modern family for education, entertainment and communication.