New TV Technology

Over the past decade there have been many advancements in the technology used in televisions. We’ve gone from the large bulky tube based TVs which dominated the market for decades and advanced to the point where the most advanced televisions available today are less than an inch thick and have displays which could not even be dreamed of not so very long ago. One of the truly amazing things about all of this advancement is that there are two different technologies that were developed during this time, both of which became very popular.

The first type, which initially surged into popularity was the plasma TV. Plasma TVs were much thinner than the old tube TVs and were able to display beautiful pictures. While they initially had some problems with being viewed from angles, that was quickly resolved. The other type, which has now become dominant in the market was LCD, or Liquid Chrystal Display, TVs. This type also came in very thin options with amazing screen resolutions. The downside to an LCD screen was the blacks were not quite as dark as could be achieved with plasma, and the refresh rate was not quite as good on fast moving shows such as sports or action movies. The technology did eventually overcome those problems though.


The rapidly advancing TV technology has continued to progress in recent years which has given us things like the LED TV which still uses the LCD technology for the picture but is lit with LED lights which last much longer and use a lot less energy. This technology has also allowed the television to be even thinner and lighter than ever before. A 50” screen from ten years ago would have weighed hundreds of pounds and taken up a large portion of the room. Today a 50” LED TV is under an inch thick and can be easily lifted by a single person. They are often hung on the wall which allows for a more attractive display.

Another technology which is surging in popularity today is the 3D TV. This is an advanced type of HDTV which has the ability to display 3D television shows and movies just like from a movie theater. These typically come with the required 3D glasses to get the full enjoyment. For those who don’t like the 3D look of movies it is a simple click of a few buttons to disable it and have all the movies displayed in the regular high definition resolution.

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This is truly an exciting time to live for anyone who enjoys watching TV shows or movies because of how rapidly the technology surrounding these things is advancing. People are able to enjoy the amazing picture on big screen televisions today like never before. In years past big screen TVs were only available for the extremely wealthy but now the price for a 50” or larger HDTV is very affordable for just about anyone. Television enthusiasts from all walks today are eagerly looking forward to seeing what the latest advancements in television technology will bring us.

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