Holographic 3D Television

We all remember the first time that we saw holograms in a science fiction movie and we thought how awesome it would be if we had the chance to experience this in the real world. There is probably no other movie scene that is quite as famous as the moment when the R2D2 robot shows a hologram of Princess Leia delivering a message to Obi Wan Kenobi in Star Wars. This was the moment when the idea of being able to create technology that could produce holograms would be an important step that technology could conquer at some point.

The problem is even now in the year 2015 we are still unable to see anything that truly provide a hologram. that is able to appear in midair without having to reach a surface in order to exist. There are good news and there are bad news as far as holograms go. The bad news is that there is still no way to do this. At least not that has been discovered by any scientists, but the next best thing is called Graphene.


This material is stronger than diamonds and have more flexibility than rubber and it’s actually so thin that it can be difficult to see a layer of it with the naked eye. We have all had the main ingredient o graphene in our hands at some point in our life. The main component is graphite, the same one that comes in the pencils that we have been using since we started to go to school or draw at home in a piece of paper. Graphene is actually 200 times stronger than Steel and this is something that will bring a huge number of uses to it. Holographic 3D TV is just going to be one of them. graphene has also proven to be the most conductive material in the world.

The implementation of graphene in the world of Holographic 3D TV is going to be one of the most popular products in the coming years. There is too much technical information behind the process that will allow for this technology to be available, but basically, the graphite being so transparent flexible and light weight, will finally provide that experience that makes it seem like the images have stopped in midair to be projected. This is going to create an incredible number of new technological models for all kinds of purposes.

hologram tvThere is much to be done in order to get graphene to be produced for commercial gadgets, but the work and the studies are currently in progress and we might have something very similar to the holograms that we have been seeing in science fiction for such a long time now.

Humanity has always used science fiction as an inspiration to reach new levels of technology and that is the kind of thing that has made it possible for a lot of things that we used to see on TV and consider impossible, to be part of our everyday life. We never thought that we would be able to carry around a device that would let us talk to people from all over the world and watch high definition video streams, while also allowing us to use it as a Wireless phone. Only 30 years ago all of this sounded like fantastic and nearly impossible achievements.holographic-tv

Holographic 3D television might be just around the corner and we can’t wait to see it.