Google woes in China

Is Google becoming China’s whipping post when it comes to service components? Is China blocking out the service? Multiple reports are raging that China has started blocking lots of the Google services to include Google Maps and Gmail plus other services that normally pass through the “Great Firewall.” When reports started to surface, Google revealed that there was a significant drop in traffic from China and they were able to pinpoint the time. Google immediately went to work and soon released the statement that they had earnestly checked things on their end and there was nothing reportedly wrong.GOOGLE-CHINA

From time to time there have been moments when infrequent blocks would occur to some of the Google services, but only sporadically. However, the latest interruption of access to Google services affected more users and more services than ever before. This is the first time the Firewall has stopped traffic to the Gmail service, something that is unusual and crippling to users. It is believed that the latest attempt at disruption may have to do with the fact that the Chinese Communist Party convened its 18th Congress which began on November 8 and the fact that Google is a giant when it comes to information services and could threaten the control of power, offering too much freedom to the outside world.

Internal reports at Google shows that traffic is at normal levels but Google services appear to continue to be unreachable from China. At this point, it is not clear as to whether this might be a temporary move on China’s part, whether intentional, or whether the Great Firewall will consistently and constantly block access to Google services once the Party Congress has ended.

While China and Google are not the best of friends due to a controversial issue involving the discontinuance of Google’s self-censoring of search results, Google maintains a number of offices in the country and has continued to expand its operations there. Google’s biggest problem in the past has nothing to do with blockage of its services, but the fact that they have been losing market share because of the local competition

Google is the information highway giant in search engine performance and advertising, featuring optimal services that capture, organize, and monetize the world’s information. The leader in the market, Google sets the standards in the industry with its dominant search engine and a plethora of online tools and useful components like Gmail, Google Maps, YouTube, and its own social network space called Google+. Google also offers most of the Web-based platforms free, funding them through the extensively integrated online advertising using AdWords and AdSense. The concept they use to promote has to do with their belief that advertising should be targeted and prove relevance in order to be effective and successful. Whatever Google does, they do it well.
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