Go with Time Warner Cable

Many people are not aware of the contributions that Time Warner Cable made to the cable TV industry. This provider actually helped lay the groundwork for cable TV services in the United States- literally.widescreen-guide-time-warner-cable

Time Warner Cable won several awards for their developments and contributions in the fiber optics field. Time Warner Cable used these ground-breaking discoveries and developments to help lay the first cable network in the United States.

Today, the Time Warner Cable fiber optics network is being utilized to deliver professional services for home entertainment and communications options. Time Warner Cable has a variety of products and services to offer families in their service area.

Among the most popular services offered by Time Warner Cable are the DVR or HD-DVR, a digital video recorder that can record digital and HD formatting to play back programming in the same quality that it aired in originally. This device is advanced enough to record on up to five channels at one time, with room to store hours of favorite programming. The DVR can be set to record programs or entire channels, even when the family is at work or school.press-the-b-button-time-warner

Other popular features include the digital and HD channels that Time Warner Digital Cable has to offer. With this provider, families get a large HD channel selection to provide movies, sports and programming in stunning life-like clarity. HD is the answer to blurred and indistinguishable images that leave the viewer guessing, especially since it comes with Dolby Surround Sound. Nothing is missed in this formatting.

Viewers can use this digital or HD formatting to watch favorite programs, movies, the “big game” and more, making sure they get the most out of every viewing.

Viewers can also take advantage of the On Demand and Pay Per View selections that Time Warner Cable makes possible. These selections provide hours of viewing selections with a choice of over 10,000 choices. On Demand can make for a night’s entertainment instantly with this new releases that are available and Pay Per View delivers live action-packed events that make it possible for everyone to get what they want to watch, when they want to watch it.

Time Warner Cable also has an online service that can get everyone online and connected to the world wide web fast! Their Road Runner High Speed Online service is aided by PowerBoost to free up the extra broadband when it is needed for large downloads. This makes large files for movies, games, music and videos download in seconds, with virtually no wait times at all.

Time Warner Cable even has a phone service that can beat the local phone provider out hands down. The Time Warner Cable Digital Home Phone service makes it possible to make long distance and local calling to the United States, Puerto Rico and Canada. This service also comes with calling features that can help the family get all of their important calls. With digital cable services, broadband high-speed internet and digital phone services any home can get a complete home entertainment and communications package.