Get All You Need With Comcast Cable

Comcast Cable is the proven provider for family entertainment and communication needs. They offer over 250 channels to choose from, with children’s and adult programming, with everything from children’s shows to adult shows with mature themes. They offer programming for sports, news, music and more. This programming comes in a variety of programming packages, priced to fit into almost any monthly

These packages also come with features like the DVR, our digital video recorder that has room to record and store up to 60 hours of programming. The DVR can be used with Comcast Cable’s On Demand and Pay Per View selections to rewind, pause and fast forward the show. Customers can get the most of their selections with the ability to fast forward through boring commercials, pause to go in a snack or rewind to watch the amazing moments again. Comcast Cable gives over 10,000 additional viewing selections with their On Demand digital library. On Demand is available 24/7, at the viewer’s convenience and for additional programming for children, network shows and newly released movies. For sports fans, Comcast Cable offers their Pay Per View selection, with faxes to championship fights, live boxing and wrestling matches and live music events like concerts. Pay Per View offers a front row seat to some of the biggest events of the season, at a fraction of the price.

Comcast Cable also provides Parental Controls for their regular programming, as well as the programming that can be stored on the DVR. These Parental Controls can help parents ensure that the young, impressionable minds in the house only see material that is age per prior. With Parental Controls parents can get the programming they want, without the worry. These controls can be set in just minutes and used to block channels or specific programming, indefinitely or for set period of time. Comcast Cable also provides parental controls with their highs the Internet

PowerBoost, and to Comcast Cable, offers surfing speeds that are up to six times faster than DSL, through the phone company. These speeds make it easy to download large files like music, games, movies and videos without long, unnecessary we times. Comcast Cable also makes it safer with the free Security Software they provide through McAfee, a well-known name in the online security industry. The McAfee security suite helps protect users and their computers from popups, viruses, spyware and identity theft. Now surfers can chat, download, bank online, shop or do research for homework at much faster speeds and a much safer environment.

Comcast Cable also offers digital phone services, which are far superior the than analog phone services for their sound quality and reliability. This service comes with plans that allow unlimited local and long distance calling to anywhere in the United States and Canada for one low monthly rate. These plans can include popular calling features like call-waiting, call forwarding, three way calling and more, for up to 12 total. Comcast Cable also provides voice mail, with instant e-mail notifications when a new messages received. This allows the customer to check his or her e-mail anywhere, from any

Comcast Cable offers these three products in one low monthly package called the Triple Play Bundle. This Triple Play Bundle offers the family way to save money and get all of the services they need. It also provides the convenience of going through one provider for three services, saving time again that month when its time to pay the bills.