Enjoy the Best with Dish Network

With Dish Network, subscribers are continually surprised with new and innovative products and services that add quality to their monthly subscriptions and help set industry standard for the pay TV industry. Recently, Dish Network has developed the TV Everywhere service, a service that provides remote access from any Internet-enabled mobile device. The TV Everywhere service gives Dish Network subscribers the of the living to view their channels or DVR recordings from any location, at any time.

To gain access to this service, Dish Network subscribers need to buy the TV Everywhere Adapter. This is a small, compact piece of equipment that connects directly to set-top receivers using a USB cable. This service, once activated through Dish Network, can be used to view current and pre-recorded shows on a laptop, iPhone, iPod or other mobile device that is Internet enabled. This service can also be enjoyed in the comfort of the home with the use of a DISH Network WiFi monitor. This monitor, the first of its kind, was developed by Sling Media. The monitor is 16 x 19 inches wide, with a wide-screen format and a 720p HD resolution. It wirelessly transmits an HD video signal from the set-top box through a WiFi Network.

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The Chief Marketing Officer for Dish Network, Ira Bahr had this to concerning TV Everywhere, “DISH Network is proud to introduce the first and only comprehensive solution for consumers to pay once for content and then remain connected to their TV everywhere,” she said, “DISH Network customers will be able to enjoy their favorite live and recorded shows throughout their home and on the go, using the same program guide, menu and navigation they are familiar with on their home TV.”

Dish Network customers should check to make sure their set-top boxes are compatible with the TV Everywhere service before subscribing. The TV Everywhere service has already been combined with the award-winning Dish Network ViP 922. The ViP 922 has in the largest are driving the industry, enabling viewers to record up to 1000 hours of programming with a 1 TB hard drive.

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With the TV Everywhere service, Dish Network subscribers are more portable than they have ever been, taking Dish Network programming anywhere in the world, to be enjoyed at the customers convenience. Once again, Dish Network has provided their customers, and the pay TV industry, with another award-winning quality service that will help set another industry standard.