Dish Network Satellite TV Factsheet

It can be very hard for the consumer to make an informed decision about which television service provider offers the best everyday value for money. Sometimes the advertising hype doesn’t help one make an informed decision. This short factsheet may help shed some light on why DishTV feels confident that when you know the facts, it will be clear that there is a good reason why over 13 million customers have chosen Dish TV over their cable and satellite TV

Let’s start with price. Even without taking advantage of a Dish Network special deal, it is clear that this company offers by far the best value, with packages starting as low as $19.99 per month, What is the base price of a cable package? At $69.99, it is over 3 times as much as Dishnet! With a gap like that, when you upgrade your DishTV package, you will still be ahead of the game, even if there are a few “hidden charges.”

What might these hidden charges be? Many families have two TV’s in their household. How much does it cost to hook up a second television? At DishTV, adding a second TV to your service is free, while cable companies charge $5.00 and more for the same service! Browse Around This Website to locate further details about Dish Network packages.

Once they hear about them, everyone wants to add a Digital Video Recorder to their service package. A DVR allows you to record and playback huge amounts of programming – far more than other recording devices. Surely such a sophisticated piece of technology must cost more. If you choose to go with a cable television service provider, the answer is yes, but with Dish Network, the answer is no. That’s correct – there is no upgrade charge for your DVR at Dish Network Satellite TV!

What about HDTV? You’ve just purchased a new TV and want to enjoy HD in all its glory, but think perhaps you can’t afford it. At DishTV, you can, since this upgrade also is absolutely free, Your cable TV company, on the other hand, will add on yet another upgrade fee if you decide you want all the benefits of High Definition Television in your home. Not only that, but the cable companies can’t offer you Dishnet’s TurboHD at any price! TurboHD is available only from Dish Network and comes free of charge when you subscribe to a Dish Network’s HD program deal.

So far, our factsheet has shown us that Dishnet offers a far better basic package deal than cable and that the gap gets even wider every time you upgrade your system. The wary consumer may start thinking there’s got to be a catch. Maybe satellite television offers less program options than cable. That may be true with some of their competitors, but Dishnet actually offers more channel selections than anyone else, satellite or cable! How many more? The maximum number of channels you can get from your cable company is about 90. The maximum from Dish Network is over 300 channels. Yes, you read that right: Dish Network offers over three times thenumber of channel options than its cable counterparts!sling-tv-interface-dish

To sum up: There are no “hidden charges” with Dish Network. What begins as a great value gets even better as you upgrade your system. Cable TV starts out with a higher subscription rate and charges for every upgrade along the way. For far less money, you get far more services from Dishnet than from cable. From a base package to top-of-the-range, Dish Network Satellite TV offers more service for less money than anyone else.

Now that you know the facts, you know what to do. Switch to Dish TV and enjoy your television more than ever before!