Dish Network Offers Live International Programming

Dish Network has always been an industry leader in bringing their customers “the first of its kind products and services“. These industry firsts have helped set industry standard, improving viewing options and the quality of service offered by Dish Network, as well as their competitors. Currently, Dish Network provides service to households all over the United States.

Dish Network’s newest product, announced in January 2010, is the live international programming they will offer to their customers in the first half of 2010. Dish Network currently offers a large selection of international programming, including over 180 channels, in over 28 different languages. Now Dish Network will also offer live international programming and video on demand programming. This service will be for customers that do not currently have satellite TV, allowing them to get their programming online.

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This programming is made possible by NeuLion, Inc., an IPTV provider that can now stream live international programming to Dish Network customers all over the country. NeuLion provides a “universal platform” that allows viewers all over the world, on multiple operating systems to watch live programming and video on demand programming. While NeuLion provides online access for PCs and mobile, hand-held devices, it also provides access to TVs, as well.

Just as with the Pay Per View and On Demand services currently available in the United States, with NeuLion, Dish Network will be able to provide live music, comedy and sporting events from around the globe, all in real time.

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“As the leading multichannel video provider of international channels in the U.S., we are excited to enhance our nationwide distribution of international content to include IPTV,” said the Vice President of International Programming for DISH Network, Chris Kuelling. “We know some of our customers prefer to watch their favorite channels via satellite and others prefer broadband delivery, and we are pleased that we can now offer a solution that fits their specific needs.”

“We see distinct synergies between our respective television distribution services and believe that DISH Network customers will benefit from the further reach provided by a broadband offering,” said Executive Vice President of NeuLion, Chris Wagoner. “We believe that the match of our technology with DISH Network’s international programming rights will greatly benefit ethnic communities in the United States.”

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Now people that have wanted Dish Network service, but could not get it, or Dish Network customers that have craved a greater variety of international programming will have it. NeuLion can help Dish Network deliver more programming to more people in the States than ever before.

Dish Network currently provides service to over 14 million households across the United States, with features like HD 1080p, designed by Dish Network, a large selection of award-winning DVRs for standard and HD formatting and On Demand and Pay Per View selections that deliver some of the biggest events and newly released movies of the year. They currently offer an English channel selection of up to 300 channels, with some of these channels being available exclusively through Dish Network.