Dish Network – More Options, More Choices!

Dish Network offers more options and choices than ever before with their popular programming packages, HD 1080p formatting, Parental Controls, DVR, PPV choices and more. Dish Network can provide hours of entertainment for the entire family, with options for children’s programming, news, sports, music and more. Let Dish Network offer your family something more than the same boring channels and features.

dish-hopper-commercialGet into the game with Dish Network’s Pay Per View selections. this feature offers some of the biggest sporting events of the year, with wrestling and boxing matches, championship fights and more. It also offers live music events like concerts, with some of the biggest names in the industry. These selections are available at your convenience. Watch PPV selections with the DVR and you have the option to fast-forward, pause and rewind you live events. Now you can fast for through boring commercials, rewind to watch the amazing moments again or pause the program to get a snack. The choice is yours with Dish Network.

The DVR feature can be programmed to record a specific program on a weekly basis, or to record a program that you are currently watching. It has storage for up to 90 hours of programming for your favorite movies and shows. The DVR can also be used to store new releases with quality formatting found with Dish Network’s HD 1080p formatting. This formatting has been compared to Blue Ray technology, due to the picture and sound clarity it offers. Get a true cinema-like experience in the comfort of your own living room with Dolby surround sound and picture resolution that is up to 6 times higher than standard resolution. This picture and sound quality surpass the quality of traditional HD, as well. Watch these new releases broadcast in HD 1080p formatting and feel like you are in the theater.

Dish Network also provides Parental Controls for concerned parents that want to protect their children from mature content. These controls are available on regular programming and the DVR. They are user-friendly and take only a matter of minutes to set up. Parental Controls allow the parents to block a specific channel or program, for a specific time or indefinitely. Concerned parents can leave the room, or the house, knowing their children are safe from inappropriate viewing materials, in their absence.

Find your family’s programming package with one of Dish Network’s popular Classic packages.

The Classic Bronze 100 package has over 100 channels to choose from, with quality channels like Disney, MTV and ESPN. These channels are familiar favorites that keep you up to date with the latest children’s programming, your favorite artists and your favorite athletes. These channels are sure to provide hours of entertainment and relaxation for the entire family.

On the other hand, if 100 channels are not enough, Dish Network offers their Classic Silver package, which delivers over 200 channels for twice the entertainment and value. It still gives the familiar favorites from the Classic Bronze 100 package that goes further to offer even more of what you want for music, sports, news and children shows.

Dish Network also has a Classic Gold 250 package. this package has the channels from the previous two packages, but includes 60 additional channels for more variety and fun.

dish-refer-a-friend-deal-networkFor the ultimate in Dish Network’s family package is, try the America’s Everything Pak for over 300 channels of guaranteed entertainment the whole family can benefit from. These channels include all of the channels from the previous packages, slice premium movie channels like Showtime, Cinemax, HBO and STARZ. you never have to waste time or money standing in long movie store lines again. Let Dish Network deliver it all to your home.

You can have it all with Dish Network’s programming packages and channel selections. Their features can enhance any viewing experience for a monthly price that is cheaper than most cable TV providers can offer it for. Let Dish Network provide your household with quality entertainment, affordable pricing and all the channels that you love. Find out what Dish Network has to offer your family and your budget today!