Dish Network International Packages

dish-network-setupDish Network recently announced the release of another new product that will bring more access to the favorite shows and movies their customers love to watch. This new access will come by the web, and was originally designed to create a solution for the people that want Dish Network service but that cannot get it due to the area they live in. Dish Network has solved this problem by providing a way to stream international viewing selections right to personal computers and internet-ready mobile devices. These selections can even be watched on a television, if that television is connected to the internet.

Dish Network partnered with NeuLion to give people access to international On Demand and Pay Per View selections. These selections can be received on portable hand-held devices that are internet ready and on PCs. This is important for two reasons, one it allows individuals to watch programming from all over the world, in real time on the Pay Per View menu, and two, Dish Network is the first Pay TV provider to offer this service.

“As the leading multichannel video provider of international channels in the U.S., we are excited to enhance our nationwide distribution of international content to include IPTV. We know some of our customers prefer to watch their favorite channels via satellite and others prefer broadband delivery, and we are pleased that we can now offer a solution that fits their specific needs.,” said Chris Kuelling, Vice President of International Programming for DISH Network.

NeuLion already streams viewing content to locations all over the world, using a “universal platform” to deliver content to multiple operating platforms at once. Dish Network is very exciting about bringing this to their customers, or to the people that currently have no service, at all.

While this service provides another path to choice for international programming fans, it is also another milestone in the Pay TV industry. In the almost 20 years that Dish Network has been in operation, they have helped to set industry standard by providing the Pay TV industry with award-winning products and services.

Dish Network was the first to come out with the DVR, then the HD DVR. They won awards for their MPEG-4 receivers. They then went on to be the first company in the United States to offer programming for the Hispanic community, with DishMEXICO. From there, Dish Network took their International programming even further by expanding it to include programming in over 28 different languages, with over 180

Dish Network also came up with the HD 1080p formatting that delivers a cinematic experience in the comfort and privacy of the family home. Dish Network designed HD 1080p formatting with the theater in mind. Now HD 1080p formatting rivals Blu Ray and even exceeds the image and sound quality provided by traditional HD formatting.

With Dish Network, customers get programming options that can entertain the family, help save money on the monthly entertainment bill and get access to products and services that have never been seen on the market before. Dish Network’s innovative ideas and award-winning products and services have made home entertainment more exciting for everyone.