Dish Network – HD Free for Life

Dish Network is well-known as a leader in the satellite TV industry, providing their customers with digital and HD channels, as well as award-winning DVRs. The quality and features of Dish Network equipment and services have actually helped shape the face of home entertainment for almost 20

Dish Network has continued to strive for excellence in products, services and customer service, offering many industry “firsts” that have helped build the of monthly subscribers to over 14 million customers.

Staying with this company’s tradition, Dish Network is offering their “HD Free For Life” guarantee. This can be a refreshing change from programming packages that seem to keep their subscribers trapped in less fulfilling monthly home entertainment services that can not provide high quality viewing.

Dish Network is fulfilling their promise of more HD with the launch of their newest satellite, the EchoStar XV. The main purpose of this satellite was specifically for adding HD channels to existing Dish Network services.

Tom Cullen, the Executive Vice President for Dish Network said, “ The launch of EchoStar XV demonstrates DISH Network’s continuing commitment to delivering the most high-quality HD programming at the best value. DISH Network is the only pay-TV provider that offers ‘HD Free For Life’ to every customer, and we’re proud that EchoStar XV will soon allow us to provide even more high definition channels for free.”

This latest addition to the Dish Network satellite collection was made to enhance Dish Network services for their customers. Dish Network has a proven dedication to the quality of services their customers get on a monthly basis.

Dish Network is so committed to bringing quality to the doors of their customers that they even developed a high resolution formatting to give their customers a viewing experience that is comparable to watching Blu Ray. The Dish Network HD 1080p formatting is the best way to watch the programming, new releases and Pay Per View selections Dish Network has to offer.

Other Dish Network service enhancements include their wide variety of award-winning DVRs. Dish Network has designed their DVRs with room for 90 to 1000 hours of storage for programming, the most that has ever been allocated before in any DVR by any other provider. Dish Network was the first provider that offered a DVR and they have taken their earlier works and improved upon them to make the best DVR on the

Dish Network was also the first provider to come out with interactive TV, giving families a new way to spend time at home. Dish Network Interactive TV has games that can be played on the television set. These games come from providers like Disney and Nickelodeon, family-friendly and safe for children of all ages. Dish Network also offers other features in the Interactive TV lineup, like the option to shop, pay bills or even check stock portfolios, all while sitting on the couch.

Dish Network has almost twenty years in the pay TV industry, doing the research and development to create quality programming and equipment that has helped shape the face of the pay TV industry while entertaining millions of Americans.