Dance Moms Miami recap

dance-moms-girl-killing-itInstructors Angel and Victor manage one of the strictest dance studios in Miami with the help of Victor’s Mother, Mayra Smalley.

The episode begins with the instructors sizing up the competition and making a list of the best and worse dancers in the studio. Jessie Kennedy, a fourteen year old perfectionist with a fanatic Mother, makes the top of the list while Hannah Epstein, a bubbly dancer with a lot of heart, makes last place.

Hannah’s Mother, Debi, is more upset about Hannah’s low ranking than Hannah and pushes her daughter to be more competitive and show her talent in the group dance, the only dance she gets.

A majority of the episode is spent getting to know the dancers and their competitive Mothers. The audience learns that Kimberly has such a packed schedule that she must wake up at four o’clock a.m. every morning just to finish her homework. We also learn that Debi is not happy when Abby and her daughter Sammy transfer to the same studio as Hannah because of previous turmoil at their last studio.

Debi also expresses concern towards Victor when he critiques Hannah during practice for the group performance and calls her “sloppy”. She feels as though Victor is knit-picking her child when others are also not perfect.

Kimberly and Lucas are assigned a sensual duet of the tango that they are not entirely comfortable with. While practicing with Victor they look awkward and a bit off. Tension peaks when Victor tries to assist Lucas in flipping Kimmy and she falls on her neck. Anicia is concerned but Kimmy is not injured and the children are encouraged to proceed with confidence.

In the meantime Susan, Jessie’s Mother is overworking Jessie. She is pushing her to practice her solo every chance that she gets. This is disconcerting to Victor and Angel and they must remind her that they are the dance teachers and urge her to back off before she overworks Jessie. Susan dismisses their concerns and continues to push her daughter.

The day of the competition finally arrives but Victor suddenly becomes ill and everyone is concerned that he may not be able to participate and conduct the kids. The Moms on the bus argue over whether or not he should go to the hospital as he proceeds to vomit. After they arrive at the competition the arguments over Victor’s condition continues and sparks a fire among the Moms. The turmoil starts to affect Jessie and leaves her distracted before her performance and she doesn’t do as well as she would like.

Kimmy and Lucas pull of their duet with a few minor mistakes but good technique and the group performance goes as well as planned.

Jessie wins second place for her solo, Kimmy and Lucas win first place for theirs and the group wins first place. When Hannah accepts the
trophy for first place Jessie aggressively snatches it from her hands and poses with it. Jessie’s poor sportsmanship causes turmoil among Debi and Susan and the drama

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