Comcast Security Suite – Protect Yourself

Comcast Cable is a giant in the cable TV industry, leading the nation in cable TV programming, high-speed internet services and digital phone services. They serve over 18 million customers, monthly, providing quality products and services to average families on budgets. These families enjoy reliable service, quality products and features, including a free online homepage, free email, online bill pay options and professional customer service representatives.real-time-alerts-and-texts-xfinity

As the US leader in the cable TV industry, Comcast Cable provides the highest quality possible. This includes their award-winning online security suite from Norton.

“Cyber threats are very real and this year we expect to see five new threats coming online every minute,” said Janice Chaffin, the president for the Consumer Business Unit at Symantec.

Chaffin went on to add, “By joining forces with Norton, Comcast can now bring world leading protection, performance and family safety offerings to its millions of customers.”

After collaborating with Symantec, Comcast Cable is able to bring a heightened level of security to the family’s online experience. This software can protect the computer from malicious attacks from spyware, worms, viruses, Trojans, Bots and protect the user from identity theft. With the services this security suite provides, the family is able to enjoy a faster, safer online experience that provides the security the family needs, while protecting the computer, a sometimes-costly investment.

The Norton Security Suite has features like Identity Theft Protection, which helps to guard against key logging and phishing sites. It also stores and protects website passwords. Their Two-Way Firewall Protection guards against security breaches at the point of intrusion with “behavioral security technology”, stopping threats before they actually download or install on the computer.

The Norton Security Suite carries Parental Control Tools with the capability to monitor online activities, find used search terms and information on social networks the children are visiting. These tools also contain filters for maintaining appropriate web material. Concerned parents can use these tools to monitor their children, keeping abreast of online interests and activities.

This software is even instrumental in cleaning and repairing the Windows registry and finding and repairing problems that slow the computer down, keeping information, programming and drives safe and running efficiently. The Norton Security Suite is designed to work quickly, allowing the use of other functions while the suite is in

The Norton Security Suite also comes with customer service that is available to users 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Customers can contact Norton by phone, by chat or through email.

Comcast Cable also provides these services for Mac users with the Norton Internet Security for Mac service, meeting the needs of their customers, no matter what the operating platform is.

This security suite has a retail value of $160, but Comcast Cable provides it to subscribers for free. The Norton Security Suite provides a valuable service, offering added protection against malicious programming and assaults on the computer and family. With the Norton Security Suite through Comcast Cable, the family is granted professional online security services at an amazing value.