Comcast Cable – Largest Provider in the Nation

Comcast Cable, the largest cable TV provider in the nation, just hired a new Chief Executive to run their cable unit. Neil Smit, former CEO for Charter Cable, the fourth largest cable TV provider in the nation, will start with Comcast Cable after February 28, 2010.interface-x1

Comcast Cable currently provides service for over an 18,000,000 households, offering cable TV programming, high-speed Internet Services and digital phone services. They offer over 250 channels to choose from, with cable TV products and services that include digital cable, HDTV channels, Video On Demand, Pay Per View events and Parental Controls. To the Comcast Cable channel selections, along with their other products and services, can be found in a variety of programming packages to allow subscribers the freedom to find the programming that meets their specific entertainment needs.

The Video On Demand selection that Comcast Cable offers has over 10,000 viewing selections for education and entertainment purposes. Their Pay Per View events are live and range in topic from sports to music and comedy. While Comcast Cable does offer a wide variety of children’s programming, Comcast Cable also offers user-friendly Parental Controls for the adults that want to order their channels without exposing their children to inappropriate viewing materials.

The Comcast Cable high-speed Internet Service, offered with PowerBoost, delivers surfing and downloading speeds that are over one hundred times faster than traditional dialup services, and up to six times faster than the phone company with DSL. These speeds allow subscribers to download large files like games, music, videos and movies, even an HD, at incredibly fast speeds with no drop connections. Comcast Cable is also able to offer free online Security Software for added protection against popups, viruses, spyware and identity theft, protecting the subscriber in the computer. Comcast Cable also offers Parental Controls for their online services, allowing parents to filter out inappropriate websites, content and images. These online Parental Controls are useful as a content blocker or a monitor to keep a record of the sites that have been visited and online instant messaging sessions. The Comcast Cable Parental Controls allow parents the freedom to leave the room and still protect their children.

The Comcast Cable digital phone service is offered in correlation with popular calling features and voicemail. Comcast Cable gives the subscribers freedom to make unlimited local and long distance calls to anywhere in the United States or Canada for one set monthly rate. Comcast Cable does not require their subscribers to count minutes, wait for certain ” off-peak” hours or wait for nights and weekends. Subscribers simply pick up the phone and dial, with no expensive ever just worry about paying at the end of the month. Their calling features include call-waiting, call forwarding, three way calling, call return, call screening, anonymous call rejection and more, for up to 12 features in

Comcast Cable has provided everything the family needs for quality cable TV, high-speed online and digital phone services. With Comcast Cable the family can get affordability and quality from one provider.