Comcast Cable Helps to Protect Against Identity Theft

Comcast Cable has a new weapon to help their customers fight cyber crimes, like identity theft and fraud. They have called it the Constant Guard Bot Detection and Notification system. This service is planned as a notification and removal system that works to notify customers when their computers have become infected with “bots”, a type of virus that can actually take control of a computer without the owner’s knowledge or consent. It has been launched and is currently being expanded to customers all over the nation.


Once a “bot” or virus has control over a computer, it can use it to host Phishing sites, send spam or even infect other computers, all without the owner’s knowledge. Comcast Cable has provided the Constant Guard Bot Detection and Notification system to give the owners and users of a computer the notification they need to be aware of the virus and to remove it. The system is designed to notify the owners or users of the computer through an open browser or through email, with immediate assistance on removing the virus for the maintenance of the computer and for the prevention of infection to other computers.

Why all the special concern for “bots”? According to the Javelin Strategy and Research company, over 11 million citizens fell victim to identity theft and fraud in the United States, last year, alone, with a total price tag of about $54 billion. Much of this damage was caused by “bots”.

“Internet users need to be aware of online threats- bots being among the most serious- and Comcast’s Constant Guard Bot Detection and Notification service is designed to help protect and educate our customers about this growing danger,” said the Senior Vice President and General Manager of Communications and Data Services for Comcast Cable, Cathy Avgiris, “With October being National Cyber Security Awareness month, it’s an ideal time to generate awareness about Internet security and start rolling this program out nationally.”

Ray Cooper, the National Association of Attorneys General President and North Carolina Attorney General said, “I encourage proactive efforts by Internet Service Providers to help educate and protect consumers from Internet crimes like malicious bots. It is important for business and government to work together to keep Internet users safe.”

Rob McKenna, the Washington State Attorney General and President-elect for NAAG, added this: “Cyber criminals cost our state tens of millions of dollars every year both in financial theft from our citizens as well as the cost of funding law enforcement resources to fight them. Bots are a real and emerging threat to American consumers and this is a welcome initiative for customers in our state and across the country.”

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