Comcast Cable Does it All

Comcast Cable has everything your family needs for quality entertainment at affordable prices. You can choose from one of a variety of services and products to enhance the value of your Home Entertainment package. Comcast Cable makes it convenient to get what your family needs at affordable monthly

With over 250 channels to choose from, including children’s programming, drama, action, sports, music, history and DIY shows, there is always something to watch. These selections can provide hours of entertainment for everyone in the house. To make sure your children are getting the right kind of entertainment, Comcast Cable includes parental controls for convenience, security and peace of mind. Now you can leave the room, or the house to shop, knowing that the negative influences and inappropriate viewing materials have been blocked from your TV. Parents can set these controls to block channels or specific shows, as needed or indefinitely.

Comcast Cable also offers a variety of programming choices with their On Demand and pay per view features. On demand is a digital library with over 10,000 newly released movies, programs, network shows and children’s shows. These selections are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. After a selection is chosen it is available for viewing for up to 24 hours after the selection is made. Pay per view offers some of the biggest events of the season, with live wrestling and boxing matches and live music events, from some of the biggest names in the industry. When watched with the DVR, viewers can fast forward, pause or rewind on demand and pay per view programming, even if the programming is a live event. The DVR is also capable of recording up to 60 hours of programming. Viewers can program it to record a specific show, at a specific time, or to record one show while another one is being watched.

xfinity-the-future-of-awesomeFor families that want Internet, Comcast Cable offers their Internet Service with PowerBoost at speeds that are up to six times faster than DSL. Now surfers can chat, download music and games, shop and bank online or do research for school at incredibly fast speeds. They also offer added security with McAfee’s Security Suite, at no additional charge. With this free Security Software your family gains added protection from spyware, popups, viruses and identity theft.

Comcast Cable also provides reliable phone service, with unlimited local and long distance calling for one low monthly rate. This service provides a way for your family to keep in touch with relatives and friends all over the United States and Canada, with calling features like call-waiting, call forwarding, three way calling and more, with up to 12 features in all. They also offer voice mail, at no additional charge, with instant e-mail notifications when a new voice mail is received.

Comcast cable makes a convenient to get all of these great products and services in your home for one low monthly price. Ask about their triple play package service, which includes cable, Internet and digital phone services. This package allows the customer more of affordability with the convenience of getting three services through one provider. Find out with Comcast cable can offer your family and monthly budget today.