Charter Makes it Easy!

Charter Cable has very family-friendly services that meet a wide variety of entertainment and communication needs. These services are priced so that they can fit into almost any budget, making it easy to get service at affordable prices.charters-kids-zone

These services include popular features like the DVR, or digital video recorder, a box that is able to record and store up to 60 hours of programming. This box can be preset to record programming while the family is away, or to record programming while the family is watching TV, making it even more convenient to get the shows and movies everyone wants to see.

The Charter Cable programming options include categories for Kids and Family, Movies, Sports, News & Info, Lifestyle and Music. These categories insure that there is always something on for everyone. Charter Cable also provides these selections in HD or regular digital channels, with the added benefit of On Demand and Pay Per View selections. On Demand is a digital library with viewing selections that can include network programs, children’s shows, music videos and newly released movies. This is a popular feature because it provides selections 24/7, offering availability for people that can not watch their programming during the scheduled times. Pay Per View provides live coverage of sporting, music and comedy events the entire family can watch for a fraction of the cost of admission to a stadium or coliseum. All of this programming is made even more family-friendly with the Charter Cable Parental Controls, that can block programming stored on the DVR and on the regular channel lineup.

Charter Cable also meets the family’s need for surfing and downloading with their high-speed internet connection. This service can give the family a way to download music and games, or bank, shop and do homework online. Charter Cable also offers family-friendly online security software that is free, providing a valuable service at no additional cost. This service gives added protection against identity theft, popups, spyware and viruses, while giving the family a safe, online environment to enjoy. Charter Cable helps parents monitor online activities and block undesirable content with their Parental Controls, giving the parents peace of mind, even when they are not in the room.

With Charter Cable, the family can stay connected to friendscharter-tip-of-the-day and loved ones all over the United States and Canada for one rate. Charter Cable keeps it simple and affordable with their digital phone services. They also offer voicemail, call waiting, call return, caller id, three way calling, and more, for up to ten features in all. This service helps the family save money and stay connected to those that are most important to them.

Charter Cable strives to provide the best services they can to meet the needs of the families in their service area. These services include triple bundle packages that offer cable TV programming, high-speed internet and digital phone services, all in one monthly bill, helping the family save money that can be spent elsewhere. With Charter Cable, the family can get three quality services, through a proven provider, for one monthly rate.