Charter Cable – Expanding Services

As technologies are expanding and opening more doors for different types of media to be played on the web, cable TV providers like Charter Cable are expanding their horizons and services.

Recently, Charter Cable announced their introduction of EPIX online, available for customers that are already subscribing to EPIX through their channel packages. This online service comes at no additional charge and provides an alternative for household members that would rather watch their content online. Online subscribers will, of course, still have access to their EPIX subscriptions through their regular channel package and through the Charter Cable On Demand menu. EPIX is accessible through On Demand from channel 1, then the Premium Channels menu, under EPIX.access-10000-titles-on-demand-charter

“EPIX is a total viewing experience – traditional television, on demand, and online – that enables our customers’ TV viewing to evolve through this exciting multiplatform technology,” said Charter’s Vice President of Product Management, Rich DiGeronimo, “Television is an important part of our lives, and Charter continues to invest in new technologies and services that further enrich our customers’ viewing experience.”

Allowing online access is an easy way for Charter Cable customers to enjoy the movies this channel has to offer, providing it through a reliable portal with broadband speeds that make streaming them effortless. This allows Charter Cable customers to take some of their Charter Cable services with them, in any location with traditional internet, WiFi and a compatible device.

The process for viewing EPIX online is simple. Charter Cable subscribers simply need to sign into their Charter Cable accounts. When Charter Cable customers sign on to their accounts, they will also have a large lineup of other viewing materials to enjoy. These viewing materials will include new releases, like Shutter Island, Tyler Perry’s ‘I Can Be Bad All By Myself’, Star Trek and Precious. They will also be able to view the Godfather and Raiders of the Lost Ark. Charter Cable is also providing programming with music and comedy artists like David Cross, Madonna, Lewis Black and The Black Eyed Peas.

Rich DiGeronimo also stated, “Charter’s early launch of the EPIX multiplatform service recognizes the importance of choice and control for customers whose viewing habits are multidimensional. Our goal is to help guide our customers through this dramatic evolution in TV viewing by providing high-quality programming on whatever platform or technology they choose.”

For those that are interested, certain Charter Cable inshowtime-anytime-charter-spectrumternet customers have free online access to EPIX until December 1, 2010.

EPIX currently provides access to over 15,000 movie titles from the libraries of Viacom, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios, Paramount Pictures and Lionsgate. It is unique in that EPIX is the only monthly service that supplies an entire month of viewing selections with nothing but classics, newly released Hollywood movies, comedy and music specials and original series.

Charter Cable is the fourth largest provider in the United States, offering digital cable, high-speed broadband internet and digital voice services. Charter Cable currently provides Charter Cable, Charter Phone and/or Charter Internet for an estimated 5.5 million customers.