TV Technology

Holographic 3D Television

We all remember the first time that we saw holograms in a science fiction movie and we thought how awesome it would be if we had the chance to experience this in the real world. There is probably no other movie scene that is quite as famous as the moment when the R2D2 robot shows a hologram of Princess Leia ... Read More »

Traditional TV v/s Streaming: Who will be the ultimate winner?

Over the past few years, traditional TV service providers have been agonizing over the rise of cord-cutters in the United States. However, their fears have so far been dismissed as nothing more than anxiety over competition, however, recent trends indicate otherwise. Recently, Wall Street analyst Craig Moffett, analyzed the data from the U.S. Census Bureau, to point out that roughly ... Read More »

Advances in OLED Technology

When flat panel TV’s were first introduced to the public, they were ridiculously overpriced. I remember seeing a Plasma screen TV circa 1999 and it was $15,000! Unreal. The same can be said for all new technology when first released. It is over priced and seen as a must have by techno-philes and the rich. The down side is the ... Read More »

Dish Network Satellite TV Offering Convenience and Rich Entertainment

A major challenge in selecting the right TV programming provider is getting entertainment that fits your household’s needs. Choosing the wrong television provider would mean constant frustration. However, the services offered by DISH Network are an excellent solution for the programming needs of a wide range of clients. Combined with various features for convenience both at home or at work, ... Read More »

Be Smarter, Buy From Charter!

Charter Cable provides the best in home entertainment, high-speed internet connections and digital phone services. Do not do without with a reliable provider like Charter Cable standing by to provide professional installations and great customer service. Let Charter Cable provide your family with what you need today! Choose Charter Cable’s incredibly fast High-Speed Internet Service. With speeds up to 13 ... Read More »

Terrific Bundled Cable TV Package Deals

Enjoy Digital TV with HD, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice all together in a single Comcast Bundle through The most far-reaching home service package, you and the rest of the people living under your roof will have total access to these exciting home services. Extremely advanced communication and entertainment will be instantly available so that you can finally do ... Read More »

Comcast Offers The Best Bundles

Why overspend on a TV, internet and phone bill that does not offer optimal services or convenience. Instead bundle all of these services into one package. You can enjoy cable, wireless and unlimited phone services for one low monthly rate and with a Comcast Digital Service Bundle you can create the package that is right for you and your family’s ... Read More »

SpaceSplitter Introduces New App

Smartphone users may have just caught a big break in dealing with their roommates when it’s time to pay half on shared supplies. SpaceSplitter introduced its newest feature, an app that can negate the need to chase roommates down for money. With the company’s newest feature, it may be easier than it has ever been to get money out of ... Read More »

Which Cable Provider Should I Choose?

There are so many cable providers to choose from. Because of this, it can be very difficult to get the best deal on cable or know exactly which company is the best or has the best rates and service for cable TV. One of the largest companies for cable TV is Comcast, and here are some of the benefits that ... Read More »

Dish Network Satellite TV Factsheet

It can be very hard for the consumer to make an informed decision about which television service provider offers the best everyday value for money. Sometimes the advertising hype doesn’t help one make an informed decision. This short factsheet may help shed some light on why DishTV feels confident that when you know the facts, it will be clear that ... Read More »