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Google woes in China

Is Google becoming China’s whipping post when it comes to service components? Is China blocking out the service? Multiple reports are raging that China has started blocking lots of the Google services to include Google Maps and Gmail plus other services that normally pass through the “Great Firewall.” When reports started to surface, Google revealed that there was a significant ... Read More »

Which Cable Provider Should I Choose?

There are so many cable providers to choose from. Because of this, it can be very difficult to get the best deal on cable or know exactly which company is the best or has the best rates and service for cable TV. One of the largest companies for cable TV is Comcast, and here are some of the benefits that ... Read More »

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Getting online, watching TV, and phoning people from across the country and the world has never been as simple as it is now that Comcast Package Deals have graced the home service market. The ideal allotment of speeds, extra abilities, features, and more, Comcast Bundles offer Digital TV in HD, High-Speed Internet, and Digital Voice services together for a better ... Read More »

Charter Cable – Expanding the Horizons of Entertainment

As technologies are expanding and opening more doors for different types of media to be played on the web, cable TV providers like Charter Cable are expanding their horizons and services. Recently, Charter Cable announced their introduction of EPIX online, available for customers that are already subscribing to EPIX through their channel packages. This online service comes at no additional ... Read More »

Dish Partners with Google TV!

The world of home entertainment is evolving quickly, offering more and more options that integrate the digital worlds we live in, as in digital cable and digital broadband into one. While strides have already been made to interact TV with the internet, Dish Network is taking it to a whole new level. Dish Network has recently teamed up with Logitech ... Read More »

Comcast Security Suite – Protect Yourself

Comcast Cable is a giant in the cable TV industry, leading the nation in cable TV programming, high-speed internet services and digital phone services. They serve over 18 million customers, monthly, providing quality products and services to average families on budgets. These families enjoy reliable service, quality products and features, including a free online homepage, free email, online bill pay ... Read More »

Comcast Cable – Largest Provider in the Nation

Comcast Cable, the largest cable TV provider in the nation, just hired a new Chief Executive to run their cable unit. Neil Smit, former CEO for Charter Cable, the fourth largest cable TV provider in the nation, will start with Comcast Cable after February 28, 2010. Comcast Cable currently provides service for over an 18,000,000 households, offering cable TV programming, ... Read More »

Charter Cable Delivers the Best

Charter Cable has a wide variety of digital channel selections and programming On Demand. They recently added EPIX service to their lineup, so that customers get these additional selections in their homes, with a regular schedule, or On Demand for the subscribers that work on non-traditional schedules. The EPIX service is a premium channel presented by Viacom, Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer Studios and ... Read More »

Dish Network Brings it All

I really enjoy watching television in my free time. I have switched to several different providers, and then I found the best I ever experienced. Dish Network is better than any company I have ever used. I was dealing with the cable outages and services being interrupted due to a storm. I was really getting fed up with missing my ... Read More »