Advances in OLED Technology

When flat panel TV’s were first introduced to the public, they were ridiculously overpriced. I remember seeing a Plasma screen TV circa 1999 and it was $15,000! Unreal. The same can be said for all new technology when first released. It is over priced and seen as a must have by techno-philes and the rich. The down side is the price of course but also because the technology becomes obsolete the second it is purchased.


So at first we had Plasma and their main competitor, LCD, or Liquid Crystal Display. Both touted their slim design, around four inches thick which was crazy back then because picture tub TVs at comparable size were feet deep. I had a Sony Trinitron, 32” in screen diameter and that sucker was enormous! It weighed over 150 pounds and was very unwieldy to say the least. I now have an LCD that is not only 46” in screen size but also weighs less than 70 pounds. So we get around twice the screen size and half the weight. Amazing.

But LCD and plasmas are no longer King of the TV sets. Now we have OLEDs. Utilizing an amazing technology called Organic Light Emitting Diodes, OLED TVs are simply next level compared to LCDs and Plasmas. Gone are the days of screen burn in found with earlier Plasmas and strange viewing angles with LCD technology. OLED technology blows by earlier flat panel display sets available.

OLED-CURVED-videogaming-resolutionUsing electricity to stimulate a transmission of light through organic materials, OLEDs produce unheard of technology, almost like something one might expect from a science fiction program. Some set are less than ten pounds, half an inch deep and still have a 55” diagonal screen!

Since each OLED screen is lighter and more compact than the others, with no backlight, no toxic materials, a viewing angle of 180 degrees and higher contrast and color within the picture you get an incredible viewing experience. Everything previous flat panel sets did, OLEDs do better. Thinner as to be almost transparent, they use less energy than older sets and full high definition.

true-black-oled-tvThink you get the best out of your Blu-ray discs and sporting events? Think again if you don’t have an OLED. The quality is so sharp and clear it becomes almost life like. You will swear it’s taking place right in front you. The price points are beginning to catch up to this amazing technology and these next level TVs are becoming more and more accessible.

What are you waiting for? Go get one today!

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